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Confused about Nutritional Panels on Food?
Heard about Traffic Light Foods?

This web site has one purpose. Enter the details on any nutritional panel from any food item and get a meaningful image that will help you understand the nutritional benefits of that food item. Also, if you keep the images, you can compare them to other food items in your pantry, at your supermarket, or, at your favourite fast food outlet.

Oh! We also add the colours of the Traffic Light Food system on the important fat, saturated fat, sugar and sodium images (like the one above!)

What's on a food label nutritional panel?

Nutritional Panels on foods are generally confusing to say the least. Generally speaking, there are 8 nutritional values listed on a food panel, and, there may be more depending on what the manufacturer decides is important. label.jpg (36,299 bytes)

These eight nutritional values are

  1. Energy - (kilojoules)
  2. Protein - (grams)
  3. Total Fat - (grams)
  4. Saturated Fat - (grams)
  5. Carbohydrates - (grams)
  6. Sugar - (grams)
  7. Fibre - (grams)
  8. Sodium - (milligrams)

With the image on the right, the manufacturer has not listed any value for fibre, so you could assume that there is none.

Take a look at the header image at the top

The header image at the top of this page represents the same information that's on the label to the right. It's easy to see that if you ate 100 grams of this food, it would be

  • moderately high in FAT (amber)
  • high in SATURATED FAT (red)
  • low in SUGAR (green)
  • and, high in SODIUM content (red)

Since serving sizes (portion sizes) are arbitrarily set by manufacturers, it's hard to compare similar items just by comparing labels in the supermarket that have different portion sizes.
However, this item sounds like a great snack or treat not to be over-indulged in! But, watch the salt!!

How long does it take to make the labels?

You can generate your first image right now. It takes less than 2 minutes. Please also see the FAQ

Can I publish these images?

You can save the images to your local hard drive for personal use. You may publish the images on websites as long as you link back or give fair reference to this web site. You can print the images for non-profit use (eg school canteens). We reserve copyright where applicable. We do have an API (a programmer term) if you are interested. Basically, please use the feedback form to contact us.